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Iowa Smokers Rights
Email group for Iowa smokers who want to fight
against tax increases and smoking bans.

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Nanny initiatives for 2007?
1. No fat people within 50 feet of McDonalds or any restaurant serving food with a fat content over 20%.
2. To reduce carbon monoxide and our dependence on foreign oil, no car may enter the freeway unless they have 3 people in the vehicle.
3. Prohibit drinking in all places except in private residences to protect workers and the public from the risks associated with driving while intoxicated.
4. Gas powered vehicles would be prohibited within 25 feet of any building, open window or air intake to reduce carbon monoxide levels inside buildings. This is a common sense approach. After all, everyone has a right to breath clean air don't they?

Antis: What to expect
The Cold Sharp Slap Of Reality

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Another Ban Failed